Enchanting spring scenes in Fenghuang Ancient Town

Apr Tue 2023
Fenghuang Ancient Town in April always presents itself in its most beautiful scenes. After several spring rains, Fenghuang Ancient Town has taken on a new look with green mountains and misty clouds, attracting a large number of tourists.

The late cherry blossoms on the opposite bank of the stilted building bloom in succession, with the cherry blossoms clustering together like origami handicrafts. The soft pink blossoms well match with the antique stilted buildings, presenting an ancient charm.

After a heavy rain, it is a scene of the revival of all things, and the whole town is a picture-perfect reflection of water and landscape.

The branches are covered with tender green leaves, and the newly sprouted leaves sway in the wind, shining brightly. The deep and shallow greens and flowers complement each other, and the clear river water complements the stilted buildings.

Every corner of the streets and alleys in the ancient town is adorned with red peach blossoms and green willows. Like messengers of spring, they add a touch of vitality to the tranquil ancient town.

A stunning picture is created by the foothills, trees, rain and green branches.

Since the Spring Festival this year, Fenghuang County has seen a strong recovery in its cultural and tourism market. It has attracted a constant stream of domestic and foreign tourists with its five distinctive resource advantages of ancient and simple historical style, profound cultural deposit, rich folk customs, enchanting landscape, and numerous famous and talented people.
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