Dec Fri 2022

Dongjiu Miao Village

Dongjiu Miao Village is known as the hometown of Miao embroidery and silver craftsmanship.

Nov Sat 2022

Time-honored Pingnian Village

“Guifei Pond” at Pingnian Village in Aizhai Town of Jishou City is an eye-catching place for newcomers.

Nov Thu 2022

Wuxi Town

Wuxi Town, situated in the south of Luxi County, is at the confluence of the Yuanjiang River and the Donghe River.

Nov Thu 2022

Pushi Ancient Town

Pushi, formerly known as Pukou, was renamed Pushi during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty.

Apr Mon 2022

Fenghuang Ancient Town

Most people’s first impressions of Fenghuang come from the famous writer Shen Congwen’s masterpiece “The Border Town”.

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