Folk activities launched to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in Fenghuang County

Jun Tue 2023
From June 21 to 22, a series of folk activities were launched in Fenghuang County, such as the dragon boat race, throwing Zongzi, and catching ducks, attracting crowds of tourists at home and abroad.

Fenghuang County, as a national famous historical and cultural town in China, often holds the dragon boat race to commemorate Qu Yuan (a patriotic poet of the State of Chu during the Warring States Period) and pray for favorable weather in the coming year during the Dragon Boat Festival. This folk custom has been passed down through generations until now, so that tourists can enjoy a unique folk culture feast while enjoying the beauty of the ancient town.

In recent years, based on its rich cultural tourism resources, Fenghuang County has constantly increased its efforts to promote the tourism by holding various festivals and cultural activities like the Flower-Jumping Festival, the Miao Song Festival and the Folk Photography Biennale, making itself well-known at home and abroad.

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