Bamian Mountain Starry Sky Camping Week kicks off

Aug Tue 2023
On August 19, the Bamian Mountain Starry Sky Camping Week as well as “Two Events and One Festival” kicked off in Liye Ancient Town, Longshan County. Over 2,000 athletes, tourists, and spectators attended the opening ceremony.

This series of activities consist of Six Mountains Climbing Race (Bamian Mountain Station), the 4th Bamian Mountain Cycling Invitational Tournament, and the Bamian Mountain Tent Music Festival.

The climbing tournament and the 4th Bamian Mountain Cycling Invitational Competition were held on August 19.

The Bamian Mountain Tent Music Festival will be held in Bamian Mountain Scenic Area on the evening of August 22, when many stars will bring you a music feast under the starry sky of the sky grassland, followed by the beer carnival night and other wonderful activities, allowing you to spend a romantic Qixi night.

During the activity, riders and tourists can not only experience the charm of sports and fitness, but also visit the Liye Qin Slips Museum, Liye Ancient Town, the Bamian Mountain and the natural museum of Tujia original ecological culture Rebala, learn about the long history and profound culture of Longshan County, and spend a cool holiday and romantic Qixi here.
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