Zhongyuan Festival held in Pushi

Aug Tue 2023
On August 28, the Zhongyuan Festival activity with the theme of praying for blessings, expressing gratitude, worshiping ancestors, and showing filial piety to the elders grandly opened in the millennium-old Pushi Ancient Town, attracting many tourists to Pushi to visit the ancient town, appreciate intangible cultural heritage, experience folk customs, and taste delicious food.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, spectacular folk performance teams of grass dragon dance, clamshell lamp, Nuo Dance, Miao Drum, Chenhe High-pitched Tune, etc. dressed in ethnic costumes started from Wanhe Garden in Pushi to parade the streets.

The parade route connected various characteristic tourist attractions in Pushi, showcasing the ancient streets and cultural landscapes and providing tourists with the best travel routes.

At the same time, the unique flavors of Pushi’s wontons, rice cakes, rice tofu, and stuffed cakes in the old streets and alleys held great appeal for tourists.

Around 9 o’clock, a wonderful folk performance was held at Wanshou Palace. The clamshell lamp team with unique Pushi characteristics made a brilliant appearance. The performance was lifelike, winning continuous applause from the audience. The ancient Nuo dance was mysterious, and the Miao drum was sonorous. The Chenhe High-pitched Tune was emotional and touching, and the grass dragon dance expressed people’s desire for a peaceful and happy life. 

Finally, the audience gathered together, danced and prayed for good weather and national prosperity and peace. “We came all the way from Jishou to Pushi to experience the local culture. Today’s folk custom programs are wonderful,” several tourists said.

At night, people floated river lanterns by the Yuanjiang River to express their grief for their loved ones who have passed away.

The fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month is the traditional Chinese Zhongyuan Festival. Pushi’s Zhongyuan Festival is a local festival for people to commemorate their ancestors and is also one of the representative traditional folk festivals in Luxi County, which has been included in the provincial intangible cultural heritage protection list.
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