‘Sanyuesan’ Qingming Song Festival kicks off in Guzhang

Apr Fri 2024
The “Sanyuesan” Qingming Song Festival was held in Haogenping Village, Yantouzhai Town, Guzhang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture on April 11.

Singers from the county and surrounding areas rushed to participate in the event, and nearby villagers brought various delicacies.

There were various local delicacies for guests like boiled eggs with shepherd’s purse, glutinous rice cakes wrapped by palm leaves, fried cured pork with green onions, and Guzhang Maojian tea.
Folk songs, Miao songs, Tujia songs, and intangible cultural heritage programs like “Miao Children’s Drum Dance” were staged, with laughter and cheers echoing in the village.

Besides, tourists could also experience natural scenery as well as folk customs here.

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