First Lily Photography Art Festival kicks off

Jun Tue 2024
The first Lily Photography Art Festival was held in Ouxi Village, Xiluo Town, Longshan County on June 2, and more than 60 members of the Longshan County Photographers Association attended it.

Over 400 mu (about 26.67 hectares) of lilies are in full bloom in the lily base, with 595 lily varieties in rich colors. Different varieties of lilies have their own unique names, such as Rose Dream, Rising Moon, and Carolina.

Lilies are ordered through online sales platforms. When lilies in bud are delivered to customers by express delivery, they will bloom after being put into the water. Many citizens nearby come to pick them. About 8,000 to 10,000 lilies can be sold per day.

Longshan County is known as the hometown of lilies in China. In 2016, it has become the largest production area for tiger lilies in China. In 2018, Longshan Lily was approved as a National Geographical Indication Protection Product. Now, the blooming lilies become a new industry for enriching the people.
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