Xiangxi Rice Noodles

Dec Sun 2022
Xiangxi Rice Noodles is a unique part of various Xiangxi snacks. It is made from rice and tastes smooth.

Xiangxi Rice Noodles is thick and less dense in soup but tastes delicious. There are many toppings to cover the rice noodles, including pork ribs, beef and mutton, which is a major feature of Xiangxi Rice Noodles.

Xiangxi Rice Noodles is very simple to make. Put rice noodles in boiling water for one to three minutes and then pick them up with a sieve, and put them into a bowl and top them with oil, soy sauce, vinegar, salt and other ingredients; finally, cover the topping with some chopped green onion and chili.

Some Miao people add sour soup in the rice noodles to enhance their flavor, while other people like to eat them without soup. They mix the dry noodles with sour pepper, pickled cowpea and pickled radish, add the toppings and add some chili oil and chopped green onion, making the noodles extremely yummy.

Xiangxi Rice Noodles is a popular breakfast or lunch choice for adults and children alike.
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