Inheritors encouraged to carry forward martial arts drum dance

Feb Mon 2023
On February 11, Yang Zhihui, secretary of the CPC Baojing County Committee, Bai Jinxiang, doctoral supervisor of Jishou University, and others visited Hong Fuqiang, a representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage (ICH) item Xiangxi Miao Drum Dance and the founder of Bahe Drum in Mita Village of Hulu Town in Baojing County, the birthplace of “Baojing Martial Arts Drum Dance”.

When Hong Fuqiang was about nine years old, he loved and learned the Miao drum dance under the influence of his grandparents. In 2003, Hong Fuqiang incorporated Miao martial arts moves into the Miao drum dance and created a new marvelous art form called the martial arts drum dance which has been widely spread in Xiangxi.

On the scene, the sonorous drumbeats and wonderful martial arts as well as colorful clothes and neat moves were perfectly integrated. Baojing Martial Arts Drum Dance impressed the audience so much that they broke into rapturous applause and cheers.

After the performance, Yang Zhihui communicated with the inheritors of martial arts drum dance and encouraged them to carry forward the culture and spirit of martial arts drum dance and promote the innovative development and effective dissemination of Baojing Martial Arts Drum Dance. “The national traditional sports team of Jishou University should make efforts to develop Baojing Martial Arts Drum Dance and contribute to the building of a leading sporting nation,” said Bai Jinxiang.

In recent years, the local government of Baojing County have held the annual “Lyudong Mountain Miao Original Ecological Culture and Art Festival”. Baojing Martial Arts Drum Dance has become the highlight of cultural activities. Today, Baojing Martial Arts Drum Dance has gained in great popularity in villages of the county and even in the whole Xiangxi as well as surrounding provinces and cities.
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