Jan Thu 2024

Tujia batik

As one of the three dyeing techniques in ancient China, Tujia batik is primitive and simple.

Dec Fri 2023

Site of Laosicheng Tusi Domain in Yongshun

The Site of Laosicheng Tusi Domain in Yongshun County is a place where the Tusi of Peng’s family lived.

Nov Tue 2023

Ancient Qianzhou Confucian Temple

The photo taken on November 5 shows tourists visiting the Confucian Temple in Qianzhou Ancient Town, Jishou City.

Oct Thu 2023

Bridges in Fenghuang Ancient Town

There are ancient bridges in every ancient city and there is no exception for Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Aug Fri 2023

Ancient customs kept alive by Miao people

Fenghuang Ancient Town has witnessed the revival of diverse customs and traditions.

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