Enchanting Lyudong Mountain

Nov Wed 2023
Located in Lyudongshan Town of Baojing County, the scenic area boasts a continuous range of peculiar mountains and cascading waterfalls, as well as well-preserved ancient Miao villages that are arranged in a picturesque manner, the equal of Zhangjiajie’s mountains and Jiuzhaigou’s rivers as a nationally known landscape.

The rustic Miao villages, large or small, full of wooden houses, nestle among mountains and waters, with trees towering overhead and streams meandering through the villages.

Looking out from the mountaintop, one can see white clouds floating leisurely. The aroma of tea wafting in the air reminds people of the villages’ age-old folk customs, such as doorway spirits, autumn entertainment and the Miao year, which attract many visitors who come here to explore the wonders.

Clean and tidy village paths and hiking trails, ancient dwellings, beautiful courtyards in rural farmhouses, large tea gardens and babbling brooks all provide a beautiful experience for visitors. Baojing Gold Tea, deeply rooted in this scenic area, is not only a beautiful calling card but also a decoration of the mysterious and ancient Miao culture.

Lyudong Mountain was designated as a scenic area in Hunan Province in 2009 and rated as a core protection area for national intangible cultural heritage in 2013. Since 2009, Baojing County has positioned Lyudong Mountain Scenic Area at the national level of the Miao natural and cultural heritage on the theme of “Lyudong secret realm, Miao sacred mountain”, striving to develop it into a world-class tourist destination.

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