Tusi Campsite in Yongshun County

Apr Tue 2024
Sicheng Village of Lingxi Town is one of the World Cultural Heritage sites, 18 kilometers away from Yongshun County, Hunan Province. It used to be the political, economic and cultural center of the Tusi Period, as well as the govern place of Peng family which ruled Xizhou for generations. Xizhou was an ancient administrative division originally set in the Tang Dynasty.

It was said that the Tusi regime could last for 818 years in Laosicheng due to its distinctive terrain, around which mountains look like galloping horses.    
During the long history over 800 years ruled by Tusi, Laosicheng had been the economic center which preserved the culture of agrarian age. The crisscross of streets and alleys, the prosperous communities in and outside of the town, as well as the honor of a powerful town in Wuxi all can be found here.

Laosicheng was successfully entitled the World Cultural Heritage site in July 4, 2015, hence it became the first World Cultural Heritage site in Hunan Province. Today, Laosicheng is surrounded by green hills and clear waters, with sparse villages and neatly arranged villas.
Local people enjoy tranquil life far away from hustle and bustle. At the scenic area of The Galloping Horses (referring to the mountainous landscape), there are various entertainment projects like the Internet-famous bridge and the cliffside swing. It is an ideal destination to visit with friends on the weekend.

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