Social and labor insurance in Hunan Province

Nov Wed 2022
1. The social insurance develops in an all-round way.

Including the retirees in enterprises of 1,850,200, up by 2.61 compared with 2007, a total of 4,365,900 people have been covered in the basic social insurance system, up by 8.93%.  The unemployment insurance system covers 3,901,200, up by 0.33% and as many as 6,820,100 people enjoy the medical insurance, up by 9.9%. The government gave out pension worth RMB 19.874 billion Yuan to the enterprise retirees, up by 28.97%, and paid for 237,000 unemployed people, up by 36.99%. 799,900 people included in the medial insurance system went to hospital for treatment, up 27.6%; the average individual payment was 27.33%, down 2.3%.
2. Foreigners work in Hunan

In accordance with Stipulations of Administration for Foreigners Employment in China and Measures of Hunan Province in Implementation of Stipulations of Administration for Foreigners Employment in China, the foreigners employment in Hunan shall implement the employment license system (foreigners refer to those who have not owned Chinese nationality based on the rules of the Law of Nationality of P. R. China, foreigners employment in Hunan refers to the foreigners who have not obtained the right of residence in Hunan but engaged in society work and obtained work payment in Hunan's administrative region). The foreigner employment license system is applicable to the foreigner employment in Hunan and the organizations with employed foreigners. Hunan Provincial Department of Labor and Labor's Social Insurance shall set up a special organ in charge of the management of foreigner employment in Hunan.

(1) Operation procedures

In case the organizations employ foreigners, such employment application shall be submitted and approved by authorities in charge. The foreigners with approval for employment in Hunan may hold the approval certificate and invitation signed by organizations entitled to handling foreign affairs, and proceeds to Chinese embassy and consulate to apply for working visa. After entry, the foreigners may apply to obtain the Employment Certificate, and then apply to obtain Residence Certificate in the local police office.

(2) Foreigners Employment in Hunan shall meet following conditions:

a. Aged 18 or above, in good health;

b. Possessing professional skill and related working experience needed in his employment post;

c. Proof of no criminal record

d. Organizations' confirmation for the employment

e. Valid passport or other international travel document which can replace the passport

(3) Application documents for approval of foreigner employment

a. Employer's invitation

b. Letter of Intent for the employment or contract

c. Foreigners working experience and education background

d. Work Qualification Certificate of the Foreigners for the Employment

e. Health Status Certificate

f. Proof of no criminal record

g. Qualification documents of the employer (the business license, code, tax registration certificate, approval certification)

h. Power of attorney of the legal person in the employer, ID care of the authorized person
3. Instructions on social insurance administration for foreign-invested enterprises:

(1) Registration procedure. The enterprise should register in the local social insurance administrative institution to underwrite for social insurance. The registration consists of: name of the institution, address, operation site, type of institution, legal representative or person in charge, opening bank account number and other prescribed affairs.

(2) Application procedure. The enterprise should report the amount of social insurance fee to the social insurance administrative institution every month and after checked by it, pay the fee before the prescribed deadline.

(3) Payment procedure. The enterprise and employee should pay the social insurance fee in full amount and in the form of currency. The amount that is paid by the employee is deducted by the enterprise in his salary. Social insurance fee is not allowed for exemption.

(4) The enterprise that does not handle social insurance for the employee should make up before the deadline prescribed by the labor administrative department; the enterprise that does not pay items of social insurance on schedule should pay overdue fine that is calculated on the basis of 2% of the social insurance amount per day since the deadline. The overdue fine is transferred into items of social insurance fee.
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