Nov Wed 2023

Workers busy producing Tujia brocade

The photo shows workers busy producing ordered Tujia brocade in a company of Longshan County.

Oct Fri 2023

Rice industry flourishes at La’ershan Town

In recent years, La’ershan Town of Fenghuang County has explored a path to industrial revitalization through rice production.

Sep Wed 2023

Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone accelerates construction of non-woven fabrics industry chain

At present, a characteristic industrial cluster of non-woven fabrics has been formed in Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone.

Aug Thu 2023

Xiangxi Golden Tea drives development of Jishou

Jishou is located in the core area with fermented microbes, selenium-rich soil, and plants containing linolenic acid.

Apr Fri 2023

Tujia Herb Peak in Longshan County gains popularity

Daling Mountain, the highest peak in Xiangxi, was recently named “Tujia Herb Peak” by Zhu Guoben.

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