Apr Wed 2024

Xiangxi promotes rural revitalization through tea industry

In recent years, Xiangxi Prefecture has developed the tea industry as an advantageous characteristic agricultural industry.

Apr Mon 2024

Villagers benefit from herb planting

All parts of golden cypresses are valuable.

Mar Wed 2024

Village embraces new productive forces

Recently, there was a bustling scene at the fish farm of Hunan Yueguang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Company.

Mar Tue 2024

Pigeon industry brings wealth to villagers

Yang Xiangping is the head of Huayuan Yufeng Pigeon Industry Co., Ltd. in Xiangxi Prefecture.

Mar Fri 2024

Zuxing Technology increases efforts at technical R&D

The new material industry has provided important support for Luxi county to promote high-quality industrial economic development.

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