Xiangxi Golden Tea drives development of Jishou

Aug Thu 2023
Jishou City is located in the core area with fermented microbes, selenium-rich soil, and plants containing linolenic acid. The advantageous conditions have nurtured Xiangxi Golden Tea, one of the best green teas in China.

In 2022, the tea plantation covered 155,000 mu (about 10,333.33 hectares) in the city, with a dry tea production of 1,680 tons and a comprehensive output value of over 1.2 billion yuan.

Since 2018, Jishou has been included in China’s top 100 tea-producing counties for five consecutive years.

In recent years, Jishou has vigorously developed the Xiangxi Golden Tea industry, focusing on cultural and technological empowerment.

It has strengthened industrial technology support through organic tea gardens, large-scale processing, and quality standardization and built a team of scientific and technological talents.

Besides, based on the integration of tea and tourism, the city has created ten golden tea valleys and cultivated a number of beautiful tea towns and leisure tea houses.

“We will build Xiangxi Golden Tea into a top brand of high-end green tea of Wuling Mountains,” said Chen Jiangtao, vice mayor of Jishou City, adding that Jishou will spare no efforts to facilitate the high-quality development of the entire industry chain of Xiangxi Golden Tea through quality upgrading, technological innovation, brand construction, and tea and tourism integration.

The 15th Hunan Tea Industry Expo will be held in Changsha from September 8 to 11. At that time, Jishou City will also make an appearance at the tea expo with Xiangxi Golden Tea, leading tea lovers to appreciate the mysterious scenery of Xiangxi.
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