Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone accelerates construction of non-woven fabrics industry chain

Sep Wed 2023
During the Qixi Shopping Festival, a variety of disposable sanitary products produced by Jianrou Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. in Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone have ranked among the top on the sales list of similar products on Tmall, JD, Taobao and other shopping platforms.

On September 4, in the company’s production workshop, trendy products like antibacterial facecloths, disposable bathrobes and magic pillowcases, were being transported to various parts of the country. The raw materials and R&D technology of these products also come from Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone.

Jiebao Daily Chemical, which has settled in Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone, is a key enterprise to produce non-woven fabrics in Hunan, with an annual production capacity of over 7,000 tons of spunlaced non-woven fabrics. But most of its products had to be sold to other places outside the prefecture.

Since last year, Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone has guided enterprises to develop and promote new processes and materials to improve the innovation ability.

Jiebao has provided its own new type of non-woven fabric with local characteristic elements such as rosemary and artemisinin to Jianrou for deep processing, and in this way, more than 10 new skin care and disinfection products have been produced.

From then on, there is no need for Jianrou to seek raw materials far and near, and it has produced the best-quality non-woven end products in Hunan.

Xiangxi Hi-tech Zone is an important emerging non-woven fabric production base in Hunan. In response to issues such as weak product innovation ability and poor brand awareness, the zone has guided and supported enterprises to transform from simple scale expansion to quality improvement.

It has also continued efforts to attract new enterprises in product manufacturing, raw material manufacturing, and material research and development, so as to promote the transformation of the non-woven textile industry into the emerging sanitary product industry.

Driven by Jiebao and Jianrou, the upstream and downstream projects in the industry chain of non-woven sanitary products such as Yuncang Supply Chain, Hunan Jinwei Packaging, and Huikang Pharmaceutical have successively settled in the park, further improving the industry chain of raw materials and logistics.

Jianrou receives over 4,000 orders online every day, which has effectively driven sales and profit growth of upstream and downstream enterprises.

At present, there are 5 emerging sanitary products enterprises above designated size in the zone, and a characteristic industrial cluster of non-woven fabrics has been formed.
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