Rice industry flourishes at La’ershan Town

Oct Fri 2023
In recent years, La’ershan Town of Fenghuang County in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture has stabilized and increased grain production, developed the high-quality rice industry and promoted green agriculture, exploring a path to industrial revitalization through rice production.

Hunan Taimei Modern Agriculture Group signed a purchase agreement with farmers, according to which it purchases famers’ rice at a minimum price of 3 to 4 yuan per kilogram, and it provides farmers with seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and technical guidance for free.
The town has adopted the mode of “companies plus agricultural bases plus cooperatives plus farmers” to promote large-scale high-quality rice production.

It has provided extensive technical training to enhance farmers’ planting skills and management abilities, ensuring the continuous development of the high-quality rice industry.

La’ershan Town, as the main high-quality rice producing area in the county, has planted over 10,000 mu (approximately 667 hectares) of rice in 2023, with a total yield of 5.5 million kilograms.

The rice industry chain involves multiple industries and companies. The upstream chain encompasses rice planting, seeds and fertilizer, and processing equipment. The midstream chain includes rice processing. The downstream chain mainly covers food production and grain for people and livestock.

The town now primarily develops the upstream and midstream rice industry chain and is actively exploring the comprehensive use of rice to maximize its added value.

To further enhance the economic value of high-quality rice, the town has actively explored the deep processing methods of rice, extended the industry chain and enhanced the value chain.

A rice processing factory is under construction in La’ershan Town, and is expected to be completed in October. Once completed, the factory will have a daily processing capacity of up to 15 tons. Following the “planting plus processing plus sales” mode, the factory has professional technicians to provide guidance and support in each link.

Rice produced in the factory is expected to retail for 8 to 11 yuan per kilogram, with an estimated annual income of over 300,000 yuan, significantly contributing to the local prosperity.

Inside the processing facility of Hunan Taimei Modern Agriculture Group, fully automated machines are meticulously processing rice. Currently, the rice is available in over 80 stores in Fenghuang County, and many restaurants feature the fragrant rice on their menus.

The town is committed to developing the high-quality rice into a specialty agricultural product, vigorously developing the rice economy and exploring the rice culture.

By closely combining production, processing, sales, and marketing, it has effectively promoted the integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, and improved the quality of La’ershan Rice, in a bid to increase agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income, and help rural revitalization.

La’ershan Town will further increase the policy and fund support for the high-quality rice industry and pave the way for a prosperous village through rice.
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