Nov Sun 2022

First 'Xiangxi Ever-bright City' Investment Promotion Conference

The first “Xiangxi Ever-bright City” Investment Promotion Conference kicked off in Jishou City, in a bid to inject impetus into the city’s development.

Nov Sun 2022

Xiangxi to invest 102.4 billion yuan in 111 projects in 2022

Xiangxi strives to develop eco-cultural tourism, new industries, characteristic agriculture, and logistics network for commercial services and international trade.

Nov Sun 2022

Xiangxi attracts 74.3 billion yuan in 54 cultural tourism projects

The signing ceremonies for key cultural tourism projects and marketing cooperation were launched at the first Xiangxi Tourism Development Conference.

Nov Sun 2022

Xiangxi holds online investment attraction and signing ceremony of projects

Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture held the online investment attraction and the signing ceremony of projects.

Nov Sun 2022

Breakthrough made by Jishou City in investment attraction work

Jishou City held an investment promotion in the third quarter of 2022 as well as project signing ceremony.

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