Tianlongxia Village attracts more tourists

Nov Sun 2022
Tianlongxia Village is one of the Miao villages in the north of Ala’ying Town, Fenghuang County, with more than 1,500 people in 6 natural villages. The area is rich in natural resources, with grotesque peaks as well as flowing springs and waterfalls. Bajiao, a natural village located on the edge of the cliff in the north, is called in the Miao language and it means “the cliff where the monkeys live”. There is magnificent Tianlong Canyon in the east of the village.

Walking along the spacious village road, you can find that the flowers and plants on the roadside are swaying, and that the green oil rape in the field is growing vigorously. Cars and tricycles are driving past from time to time. The beautiful farmhouses along the road are clean and tidy, with the courtyard full of bonsai, flowerbeds and vegetable garden complementing each other. On the rustic wind and rain bridge, three elderly people, with a happy smile on their faces, are probably talking about something very interesting. In the village square, with spring couplets with ink still wet laid on the ground, many villagers are gathered around the penman, asking him to write down their praise and aspiration for a better life… As far as the eye can see, the whole village is full of prosperity, harmony and tranquility.

As a village with a long history, Tianlongxia Village used to be a mountain pass leading from Fenghuang County to Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province. Its remaining ruins such as the Drum Towers and barracks record the ancient Miao culture, and they are also an exhaustible driving force for villagers to build beautiful homes and pursue a better life.

Thanks to the efforts made in recent years to build beautiful Xiangxi, Tianlongxia Village has actively carried out the construction of an enchanting village, such as hardening roads in natural villages and groups as well as full coverage of running water, safe electricity and network. It has also set up the convenience service station, Party member activity room and reading room, and repaired the cultural square as well as wind and rain bridge. Over 300 street lamps have been installed, and toilets have been fully reconstructed so that every family can use flushing sanitary toilets.

The village has also carried out greening and beautification work, including the dredging of rivers and the filling of abandoned ponds. It has increased the charm of village, combining with the construction of public activity spaces, cultural landscape protection and ecological landscape creation through gardening techniques. Combined with the creation of “the most beautiful household”, various forms of awards and competitions are carried out quarterly like the “Star Farmer” and “The Most Beautiful Courtyard’.

Known as the “the Most Dangerous Valley in Miaojiang”, Tianlong Canyon is famous for its danger, wonder, steepness, beauty and seclusion. The canyon boasts famous natural landscapes such as Shenniu Waterfall and Tianlong Pool. Tianlong Canyon is said to be named after the mythical Miao figure Tianlong Xianggong, who was born here. The Miao people who live in Tianlong Canyon have inherited the bravery, wisdom, industry and kindness of Tianlong Xianggong and have cultivated this beautiful field for generations.

The charm of Tianlong Canyon lies in the perfect combination of mountain and water, in the profound cultural heritage, and in the diligence and kindness of the people in this area, which build a new picture of Tianlongxia Village and contribute to rural revitalization.
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