Ai’men Village

Nov Sun 2022
Compared with many villages, Ai’men Village in Biancheng Town, Huayuan County of Hunan Province is really different.

Firstly, it is not only adjacent to Hong’an Town, Xiushan County of Chongqing City, but also close to Yajia Town, Songtao County of Guizhou Province. Furthermore, the village is located in the core area of Biancheng (Chadong Ancient Town) Scenic Area, which is rich in tourist attractions. Additionally, the village is the prototype of literary master Shen Congwen’s novel “The Border Town”. Its unique geographical location, picturesque scenery and profound cultural heritage are unmatched by other villages.

A new rural picture is combined with the beautiful ancient town, the clear Qingshui River, antique houses and numerous tourists. In 2020, Ai’men Village was selected as one of the “Chinese Ethnic Characteristic Villages”.

Such an attractive countryside is inseparable from the development of beautiful countryside in recent years.

Around the beautiful Xiangxi construction in the “four treatments” project of the toilet, garbage, sewage as well as appearance and order, efforts have been made to improve the appearance, quality and taste of the village.

Centering on “cultural tourism town”, the tourism industry is constantly expanding. In combination with the scenic area planning, the infrastructure construction of Ai’men Village is comprehensively upgraded, closely related to the folk background. The original pattern is restored to cultivate the new business forms of cultural tourism in the ancient village. The village has gone all out to build the demonstration site for living environment, so as to comprehensively improve the environment and inject vitality into the tourism industry.

Around the “beautiful courtyard”, the taste of the village has been comprehensively enhanced. Combined with the actual situation, the village has constructed characteristic village roads and small ecological gardens, with small “characteristics” highlight the big “difference”. The village has thoroughly promoted the experience of creating characteristic courtyards, so as to bid farewell to the “mess” and improve the taste and appearance of the village.

With “The Border Town” as cultural support, the quality of the walking path along the river has been improved. The buildings and dwellings along the river have also been reinforced and renovated. Special scenic spots such as the White Pagoda, the National Chadong Normal School and the Landscape Pavilion have been repaired. At present, the projects like river dredging and sewage treatment have been completed. Various livelihood projects such as the parking lot, tourist reception center, Party and mass service center, mass activity stage and basketball court have been built. More than 120 solar street lamps have been installed.

In Ai’men Village, there are numerous tourist attractions that you can take your time to soak up. When you climb to the top of Ma’an Mountain, you can see the entire cultural tourism area of Biancheng Town.

The enthralling scenic spots with external beauty and profound cultural heritage including the Wind and Rain Bridge, River Street and Cuicui Island basically realize the cultural tourism chain of shaping tourism with culture and boosting industrial development by tourism, making the ancient town glow with new vitality.

In the Hundred Calligraphy Garden, “The Border Town” is written by one hundred contemporary Chinese calligraphers led by Shen Peng, former chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association. It is also carved in sections on stone monuments. Therefore, visitors can not only read the original text of “The Border Town”, but also admire the wonderful calligraphy works.

Ai’men Village has started a new round of endeavors to bolster rural revitalization with its deep cultural heritage, enchanting natural landscape, rich ethnic customs, as well as its unique living environment and tourism conditions.

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