Plum blossoms in full bloom in Chenjiapo

Mar Fri 2023
In March, the plum blossoms in Chenjiapo of Dongkan Village in Yongshun County are in full bloom, giving out pleasant fragrance.

The road twists and turns uphill, with the straight bamboo on its both sides. The trees are lush and the streams are gurgling. The villagers’ courtyards in Chenjiapo are full of spring scenery.

In the plum garden, visitors will be attracted by the charm of clusters of plum blossoms with some of them being pale pink, some red, some brilliant and some graceful...

The blooming plum blossoms add more colors to Chenjiapo, where the vast expanse of pink plum blossoms and the blue sky and sea add radiance and beauty to each other.
Enchanting plum blossoms along the sinuous mountain roads, an enthralling sea of bamboo, quaint stilted buildings and a constant stream of tourists constitute a picture of great aesthetic appeal.

The park also offers a wide variety of amusement projects, such as the Big Basket Square, the Mountain Zip Line, the Zip Line Bike and the Rainbow Bridge.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the visitors are all intoxicated with the beauty of the plum blossoms in Chenjiapo every spring.
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