Small industrial road helps rural vitalization

May Mon 2023
In Liangjiatan Village, Luxi County, there is an industrial road winding like a jade belt in the mountains and farmers were busy harvesting oilseed rapes in the fields.

Liangjiatan Village, as an industrial village in Xianxi Town, is suitable for developing the planting industry like flue-cured tobacco, oilseed rapes, oil tea thanks to its unique terrain and climate advantages. The implementation of the rural vitalization policy has attracted a group of industrial elites to return to the village to start their own business.

The original farm machinery road was only 3.5 meters wide and the road surface was not hardened, which became the biggest restriction of industrial development for the muddy road and blocked transportation during the busy farming season.

A meeting was held in Liangjiatan Village in May 2022 to seek new ideas of development together, at which the village planned to widen and harden the road with a length of 2.69 kilometers from the Liangjiatan School to Zaodianping. The practical problem was resolved to help industrial development and rural vitalization.

Along the industrial road, economic crops such as oilseed rapes, rice, oil tea and corn were planted with an income of over 1 million yuan per year.

In order to ensure the timely completion of the project and avoid delaying the agricultural season, the highway department sped up the road construction strictly following the standard of 5.5 meters of roadbed and 4.5 meters of pavement. By the end of April, all the work had been completed and a brand new industrial road with safety and convenience had winded the ridges of the fields.

Convenient transportation promotes the prosperity of all industries. People are now harvesting oilseed rape, cultivating taboo leaves and sowing rice seeds by the road, and the sounds of the farm machinery are heard from time to time.
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