Industrial development, rural governance enrich villagers

Aug Thu 2023
Xinzhai Village in Bi’er Town of Baojing County is an exquisite and unique art village with an old street, two wharfs and three squares. It has been selected as the most beautiful rural demonstration village in Hunan Province.

Xinzhai Village pays attention to village governance, and collects public opinions. In addition, it rationally plans urban and rural construction, optimizes infrastructure conditions, and improves the quality of the village’s environment and residents’ lives.

The village has open roads and complete water and electricity supply facilities. The establishment of the convenience service center provides more convenient services for the villagers, and the construction of the cultural square further meets the living needs of the masses.

In addition, Xinzhai Village has also strengthened the cultivation of villagers’ self-government ability, and implemented village regulations, which effectively helps manage some social problems, promote social stability and harmony, and continuously improve the sense of happiness of the masses.

Bi’er Town has a long history of growing citruses. Xinzhai Village relies on its unique geographical conditions and rich resources to vigorously develop the navel orange industry and has achieved remarkable results.

Through variety improvement, facilities perfection, scientific management and market expansion, the output and quality of navel oranges in Xinzhai Village have been continuously improved, and the output value has continued to grow.

The current planting area of navel oranges is about 2,200 mu (about 146.67 hectares), with an output of 1,500 tons and a total output value of about 4 million yuan. The village collective has transferred land and established a citrus industrial park of more than 100 mu (about 6.67 hectares).

It has further promoted the sustainable development of the navel orange industry through mass production, dividends sharing, scientific prevention and control, and talent cultivation, providing villagers with stable employment and income.

Next, Xinzhai Village will further strengthen the construction of Party organizations, deepen governance innovation, promote industrial optimization and upgrading, and add a splash of color to the construction of the “most beautiful” art village with the mode of industrial development plus village governance.
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