Zixia Village takes on new look

Nov Fri 2023
Zixia Village, located in Huayuan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, is inhabited by the Miao ethnic group. It is also a resettlement village for a reservoir project and a traditional Chinese village. It is situated next to Zixia Lake in the Gumiao River National Wetland Park, surrounded by mountains and clear blue waters. National highways 209 and 319 pass through the village. Today, Zixia Village has embraced the strategy of rural revitalization and taken on a new look.

In recent years, Zixia Village has made an all-out effort to comprehensively improve the rural living environment, promote the civilization construction, and develop green industries, in a bid to build a livable, workable and beautiful countryside.

 In 2022, Zixia Village was awarded the title of “Beautiful Village in Xiangxi” and “Civilized Village in Huayuan County.”

According to local conditions, Zixia Village has vigorously supported the development of traditional industries such as rice, tobacco, and snake gourds, adopted a new industry model of “large growers plus independent operation plus mutual assistance in production plus co-marketing” to provide employment opportunities and stable income for farmers.

Currently, Zixia Village has developed eight main industries, including monk fruit, yellow peaches, pears, rice, agricultural machinery services, and construction installation.

The resident working team has taken multiple measures to boost sales of agricultural products and agricultural machinery services.

Meanwhile, the village has established a collective industrial company to undertake small and medium-sized construction installation projects.

In 2022, the collective revenue of Zixia Village exceeded 500,000 yuan, and it is expected to grow by more than 50% in 2023.

Zixia Lake is located in the core area of a national agricultural science and technology park of Xiangxi in Hunan Province. The lush grassy mud flat and magnificent sunset attract numerous tourists.

Zixia Village has leveraged the water resources of the lake, optimized the ecological environment, and integrated Miao ethnic culture into tourism development to create an agricultural tourism brand.

As you enter Zixia Village, you will find clean courtyards scattered in the countryside, with green trees lining the roadsides and red-tiled houses embellishing the scenery. The village has invested nearly 4 million yuan to improve the rural water supply system and sanitation facilities.

Zixia Village has carried out various volunteer services, created a new civilized atmosphere and transformed outmoded customs, promoting rural revitalization through civilization construction.

In order to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, monthly visits have been conducted to learn about the villagers’ living conditions. In 2022, the annual per capita income of the 59 households lifted out of poverty in the village exceeded 10,000 yuan.

Zixia Village has conducted education aid activities for three consecutive years, and encouraged villagers to participate in vocational skills training and certification programs. Currently, the village has cultivated a talent pool in construction, agricultural machinery services, and characteristic planting.

With the guidance of the resident working team, Party members and the masses in Zixia Village has taken concerted efforts to develop industries and enhance the effectiveness of rural governance.
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