Dec Thu 2022

Ouxi Village

Ouxi Village, a large traditional village, is located in Xixi Town, Luxi County. 

Dec Sat 2022

Xi’nasi in Yongshun County

Xi’nasi is a natural village in Yongshun County, located near the 960-meter high Guniu Mountain.

Dec Sat 2022

Autumn in beautiful Xiangxi villages

Through nine years of development, Shibadong Village has seen the rise of various industries, such as rural tourism and Miao embroidery.

Dec Sat 2022

Shuanglong Village

Situated in the southwest of Shuanglong Town in Huayuan County, Shuanglong Village is inhabited by the Miao people.

Dec Sat 2022

Huayuan gets beautiful look with mutual assistance

Huayuan County has been continuously deepening mutual assistance for prosperity across five aspects in rural revitalization.

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