Xinke Village

Dec Sat 2022
Xike Village is inhabited by the Miao ethnic group. It is situated in the southwest of Malichang Town in Huayuan County, neighboring the ancient Miao River National Wetland Park and including 11 beautiful natural residences. It has won the honorary titles of the “Demonstrative Village of the Beautiful Villages in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture” and the “Demonstrative Leisure Agriculture Farm of Hunan Province”.

To build a beautiful Miao village with wonderful scenery, environment, industries and culture has long been the pursuit of residents in Xinke Village.

In recent years, Xinke has been pushing forward the construction of a beautiful village by improving its water and electricity supplies, roads, environment and other infrastructure.

The village has built 9 kilometers of roads, reconstructed folk residences, renovated 3 kilometers of irrigation canals, and installed 350 solar-powered streetlamps, greatly improving villagers’ working and living environment.

Meanwhile, Xinke has accelerated the development speed of industrial prosperity. It has exerted great efforts to develop a modern agricultural industry by constructing a yellow peach base, tea base and rural tourism base, as well as adopting the mode of “company + cooperative + farmer” to help farmers maintain a stable income.

In order to let visitors experience the joys of agriculture, the village began to develop its rural tourism industry. So far, it has opened a farm tour route, a recreation facility, agritainment and hostels for visitors.

Xinke is stepping on the road of rural revitalization through the integration of agriculture and tourism.
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