Dec Sat 2022

Xinke Village

Situated in the southwest of Malichang Town in Huayuan County, Xike Village is inhabited by the Miao ethnic group.

Dec Sat 2022

Hongping Village

Hongping, in Jishou City of Hunan Province, is a Chinese traditional ancient village and new popular site on the Internet.

Dec Sat 2022

Zhushan Village in Fenghuang County advances the integration of agriculture and cultural tourism

Zhushan Village has been promoting the integration of agriculture and cultural tourism to fuel rural revitalization.

Dec Sat 2022

Ganxi Village connects agriculture with culture and tourism

Ganxi Village in Baojing County has won a number of honorary titles, such as the “Provincial Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village” and the “Provincial Ethnic Rural Revitalization Pilot Village”.

Nov Sun 2022

Reform of rural residential land in Fenghuang

In recent years, Fenghuang County has deeply promoted the reform of rural residential land.

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