Shibadong Village selected as innovative practice base

Oct Tue 2023
On October 29, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment awarded plaques to the seventh batch of 53 innovative practice bases implementing the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. Shibadong Village in Huayuan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, was among the newly selected bases.

These national-level bases serve as pilot areas for the transformation of ecological environment into a driving engine for economic growth.

Huayuan County, known as the birthplace of targeted poverty alleviation , has put great emphasis on the protection of ecological environment.

The county has successfully rehabilitated over 13,000 mu (about 866.67 hectares) of mined land, carried out comprehensive environmental improvements in 19 mining-affected villages, and permanently sealed 1,195 mine shafts, and has become a pilot county for green development reform in the mining industry in Hunan Province.

Shibadong Village, focusing on creating a green, eco-friendly, and beautiful rural environment, has developed rural tourism and unique industries tailored to its local conditions.

From January to September of this year, Shabadong Scenic Area received 680,000 visitors, and generated tourism revenue of 14.53 million yuan. The village’s collective economic income is expected to exceed 5 million yuan this year.
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