Shibadong theme photography exhibition opens

Nov Tue 2023
On November 4, the theme photography exhibition on Shibadong Village’s beautiful changes opened at Xie Zilong Photography Museum.

The 130 photography works in this exhibition showcase the great changes of Shibadong Village in the past 10 years through diversified image recording and artistic creation. These works reflect the creative achievements of the “Rural Revitalization” photography team in Shibadong Village, Changputang Village of Fenghuang County, as well as Pingnian Village, Zhonghuang Village, and Pinglang Village of Jishou City, presenting the idea of ‘happiness is achieved through struggle’ from multiple dimensions.

The exhibition contains realistic images full of profound humanistic sentiments and creative works imbued with a strong artistic atmosphere, embodying people’s sense of gain, security, and happiness.

They are the expressions of sincere emotions of photographers, who adhere to keeping pace with the times and putting people at the center.

This photography exhibition will open to the public for free until November 19.
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