Oct Tue 2023

Shibadong Village achieves even development

In today’s Shibadong Village, four natural villages are moving towards common prosperity.

Sep Fri 2023

Shibadong Village sees boom in rural tourism

In early autumn, the rural tourism of Shibadong Village in Huayuan County is booming.

Jul Wed 2023

Philippine mainstream media visits Shibadong Village

On July 3, Philippine Deputy Minister of Information led a group of Philippine mainstream media reporters to visit Shibadong Village.

May Fri 2023

Shibadong Village selected as Yangtze River Themed National Tourism Route

Shibadong Village in Huayuan County has been selected as a Yangtze River Rural Revitalization Tour Route.

May Mon 2023

Cliff hotels full of tourists in Shibadong during May Day holiday

Since late April, cliff hotels in Shibadong have been fully occupied by tourists, especially during the May Day holiday.

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