Dec Fri 2023

Shibadong Village approved as base for international cultural exchanges

Shibadong Village was selected as a national center for international cultural exchanges of overseas Chinese recently.

Dec Thu 2023

Cultural revival drives rural prosperity

Since her retirement in 2014, Shi Shunlian has led women in Shibadong to develop the Miao embroidery industry.

Nov Tue 2023

Shibadong theme photography exhibition opens

On November 4, the theme photography exhibition on Shibadong Village’s beautiful changes opened at Xie Zilong Photography Museum.

Nov Fri 2023

Shibadong a top success in fighting poverty

After a decade of development, Shibadong Village has undergone a monumental transformation.

Nov Fri 2023

Popular study tour destination

The photos show students visiting Shibadong Village, Huayuan County.

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