Apr Sun 2023

Volunteers show students around Shibadong

Recently, Shibadong Village, in Huayuan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, welcomed study tour groups.

Dec Sat 2022

China's rural revitalization development garners international attention

China's agricultural output and rural economy maintained sound growth momentum in the first half of this year.

Dec Sat 2022

Ten years on: tremendous changes take place in Shibadong of Hunan

Shibadong is a mountainous village of the Miao ethnic group in Shuanglong Town, Huayuan County of Hunan Province.

Dec Sat 2022

Targeted poverty alleviation brings about tremendous changes to Shibadong

Shibadong has successfully shaken off poverty and developed into a prosperous place with a bright future over the past decade.

Dec Sat 2022

Party delegate leads Miao people in Hunan to create a better life

Shi Jintong is town mayor of Shuanglong Town, Party chief and head of Shibadong Village in Huayuan County of Hunan Province.

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