Flight opens from Ningbo to Xiangxi

Nov Thu 2023
The flight GJ8131 of Loong Air landed at Xiangxi Biancheng Airport at 9:18 am on October 29, marking the official opening of the fight between Ningbo Lishe International Airport and Xiangxi Biancheng Airport.
With this, Xiangxi Biancheng Airport is connected to Beijing, Guangzhou, and Ningbo by air. The new flight schedule for the current season came into effect on the same day.

On the inaugural flight day, Xiangxi Biancheng Airport held a water gate ceremony for the plane, which is the highest etiquette ceremony in the civil aviation industry.

The aircraft of Loong Air has a model number of 1868 which symbolizes Shibadong Village will develop better and better. In Chinese culture, 6 and 8 are considered auspicious numbers, indicating a promising future for Shibadong Village.

Xiangxi Biancheng Airport will gradually open air routes to major hub airports in Chengdu and Xi’an, as well as air routes between some feeder airports within Hunan, forming a network of air transportation that connects core cities in all directions.

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