Efforts to optimize government affairs services

Nov Sun 2022
Recently, the executive meeting of the State Council required that efforts should be made to thoroughly promote the reform measure of the “One-step Approval Process” and provide market entities with one-step approval process of enterprise start-up, enterprise approval, employee recruitment, enterprise-related real estate registration, and simple cancellation of enterprises, so as to reduce institutional transaction costs.

The “One-step Approval Process” is a package-style government service, which solves the trivial problems in the past. Although there is no direct subsidy to market entities, it saves time and energy for market entities in the process of improving the efficiency of government services, so that they can be put into operation as soon as possible.
To optimize the reform measure, the difficult point lies in data sharing and business coordination. The needs vary from one market entity to another. For example, the relevant materials and departments involved in starting a restaurant are different from those in opening a pharmacy or an Internet bar. Although it is about one thing, there are dozens or even hundreds of corresponding matters, for each of which the market entity has to sort out the departments involved, the bill of files, the approval process, the handling templates, etc. Moreover, the data sharing across levels, regions, departments and systems is required, which means that the government needs to optimize the business process. At present, the different standards, insufficient sharing, and insufficient coordination of government affairs data in various places may restrict the implementation of the “One-step Approval Process” on more matters and on a larger scale.

To solve this problem, local governments should achieve inter-departmental sharing of basic enterprise information and related credit information, as well as business coordination on a larger scale and at a deeper level. It is necessary to speed up the construction of an integrated online government service platform, so that the delivery of relevant files can be more efficient.

To optimize the reform measure of the “One-step Approval Process”, it is urgent to unify standards. Given that the development varies from one region to another, it’s unrealistic to formulate unified standards at the national level. Learning from the previous reform experience, some provinces have proposed unifying the conditions, procedures, time limits, application files and other elements of government affairs services. The standardization and facilitation of government affairs services in various provinces can become the focus of optimizing reform.

To optimize the “One-step Approval Process”, it is also necessary to think from different perspective so as to optimize services. For related businesses, government staff are already familiar with it, but most of the market entities are the first time to handle the affairs. To simplify the affairs, it is necessary to stand in the applicants’ point of view, refine the scene, design the problem and provide a list, in a bid to avoid inefficiency.

Efforts are being made to optimize government affairs services, which can not only help enterprises to do things more conveniently, but also enable people to become more satisfied. Besides, a more favorable business environment can be created for further economic growth and development of market entities.
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