Dec Fri 2023

Xiangxi, new green development benchmark

Over the past decade, Xiangxi people have achieved fruitful results in developing green agriculture and tourism.

Nov Thu 2023

Fenghuang County selected among China’s top 100 counties with tourism competitiveness

Fenghuang County ranked 20th on the list of China’s top 100 counties with comprehensive tourism competitiveness.

Nov Tue 2023

‘Liye Qin Slips’ broadcast on CCTV

On November 25, “Exploring China through Bamboo Slips” was officially broadcast at 20:00 on CCTV-1.

Nov Mon 2023

Baojing Citrus wins gold medal

On November 22, the 2023 Hunan citrus technology seminar and evaluation meeting were held in Baojing County.

Nov Mon 2023

Shiitake helps increase villagers’ income

Photos show workers busy with drilling, sterilization, bagging and transportation at the mushroom planting base of Taoxing Village, Longshan County.

Nov Mon 2023

4 villages honored for planning of ‘beautiful and harmonious villages’

Recently, the first batch of excellent cases of planning of “beautiful and harmonious villages in Hunan” was announced.

Nov Fri 2023

Bumper harvest of buckwheat in Xinchang Town

In early winter, autumn buckwheat gets ripened in Heshui Village, Xinchang Town, Fenghuang County.

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