Sweet potatoes harvested in Xitie Village

Dec Tue 2022
These days, people in Xitie Village of Baojing County in Xiangxi Miao and Tujia Autonomous Prefecture are reaping a bumper harvest of sweet potatoes.

Villagers are shuttling in the oil tea interplanting base to dig, pick up, bag and transport sweet potatoes, enjoying the joy of harvest.

In recent years, Xitie Village has sought to promote the transformation and upgrade of the oil tea industry and interplanted peppers, sweet potatoes, oil tea and other crops in the land, developing the under-forest economy and helping the local villagers increase income.

Relying on the model of “Party branch plus specialized cooperative plus company plus masses”, Xitie Village has adopted the interplanting technology to make up for the shortcomings of long growth cycle of oil tea trees. At present, Xitie Village has interplanted 750 mu (50 hectares) of oil tea, and the growers can see an increase of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan in their net income every year.

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