Luxi County and Longshan County selected as the 'Beautiful China · Deep Breathing Cities'

Dec Thu 2022
Recently, the list of “Beautiful China · Deep Breathing Cities” in 2022 selected by the China Society of Territorial Economists was officially released, and a total of 101 counties, cities and districts across the country were selected. Among them, 3 counties in Hunan Province were on the list, including Luxi County and Longshan County in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

Luxi County is known as the “Pearl of the Yuanshui River”. It has various gorgeous scenery like the lucid Yuanshui River, the towering Badou Mountain, the ten miles of picturesque precipices along the Yuanshui River, and the attractive Wushui National Wetland Park. Here you can visit Pushi Ancient Town, which is a national 4A scenic area, and five national 3A scenic areas.

Longshan County, with a forest coverage rate of 71.2 percent, boasts wonderful natural scenery, such as the “top of Xiangxi” - Daling Mountain, the “wellness resort” - Taiping Mountain, the “World Geological Park” - Luota Stone Forest, the “World Karst Cave Museum” - Wulong Mountain Grand Canyon, and the “Southern Aerial Grassland” - Bamian Mountain. All of them are good places for leisure and tourism, which can nourish not only your eyes and heart, but also your lungs and body.

“Deep Breathing Cities” refer not only to counties and county-level cities with a forest coverage rate of more than 50 percent and fresh air, which are suitable for “smog avoidance tourism”, but also to urban and suburban areas of some large and medium-sized cities and various main functional areas that attach importance to ecological environment construction. The key to creating and being selected as a “Deep Breathing City” is that the local Party committee and government have a deep understanding of green development and implement specific measures.
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