Study tours boost rural revitalization

Mar Tue 2023
Recently, Ganxi Village of Baojing County welcomed the first study tour group in 2023. Students from Jiankun High School of Youxian County went out of the classroom, got close to nature, and started the study tour in Ganxi Village.

Ganxi Village welcomed the students with traditional programs with local ethnic characteristics. The tutors enthusiastically introduced the folk customs and development history of Ganxi Village to the students. They hoped that by going into the countryside, the students could have a better understanding of the rural revitalization work of Ganxi Village and learn a vivid rural revitalization research course.

The corn cake is a famous specialty in Fuxing Town. At the research and popular science base in Ganxi Village, the tutor arranged an experience course for students to make corn cakes. Under the guidance of the tutor, the students learned to use the traditional stone grinding to grind the corn pulp, then seasoned and mixed the corn pulp, and wrapped it with reed leaves or corn leaves. After being steamed, the cakes tasted soft, sticky and fragrant, suitable for both hot and cold temperatures.

In recent years, Ganxi Village has made full use of its rich natural and cultural resources, and actively explored new elements of rural revitalization. It has integrated labor practice education in primary and secondary schools with rural culture and tourism, provided students with rich and colorful study tour activities, and attracted an increasing number of study tour teams to experience the fun of rural tourism.
Efforts are being made to promote the development of rural tourism in Ganxi Village.
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