Xiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences assists cabbage planting

Apr Wed 2023
On April 10, farmers were busy harvesting, selecting, and selling newly introduced cabbages in Bisha Community, Longshan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

When the resident team from Xiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences arrived in the community, it learned that the local farmers were interested in developing high-yield and high-quality vegetable varieties. Therefore, to help develop the winter vegetable industry, the team provided free seeds of Runyu Cabbage introduced from Japan, a variety known for its crisp taste, high yield, and strong resistance, making it suitable for large-scale cultivation.

With its technical expertise, Xiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences has provided guidance to the community on planting density, water and fertilizer management, and pest control. Qin Caixia, a member of the resident team and deputy director of the academy’s Biological Center, provided guidance throughout the process of transplanting about 20 mu (about 1.33 hectares) of cabbage seedlings, resulting in a yield of over 2,500 kilograms per mu (about 0.07 hectares).

Currently, it is the season for vegetable sales. However, due to the low market awareness of the newly introduced Runyu Cabbage, there are some sales difficulties. To help farmers expand their sales channels and increase their income, the village work team contacted supermarkets, vegetable wholesale markets, and government agencies to promote sales. As of now, Bisha Community has sold over 20,000 kilograms of cabbages in batches to various canteens and vegetable wholesale markets in Longshan County at a price of two yuan per kilogram. All the sales have been completed, expected to bring in more than 100,000 yuan in revenue for the village collective.
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