Xiangxi boasts rich movie culture resources

Apr Thu 2023
In 1986, “Furong Town” starring Liu Xiaoqing was filmed by Director Xie Jin in Wangcun Town, Yongshun County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. The town became famous due to the popular movie. 

Wangcun Town was renamed Furong Town in 2007, which was the first ancient town that was renamed after a movie. Since then, Furong Town has been a popular place to film movies or TV series. In 2015, Furong Town was selected as a “Designated National Filming Location”. 

The profound and colorful ethnic culture of Xiangxi is full of vitality and charm. Xiangxi culture development index ranks the second place in Hunan Province, among which its cultural stock is the highest. The number of famous historical and cultural people is more than 1.5 times that of the provincial average, and the number of intangible cultural heritage is 4 times that of the provincial average.

As a prefecture with rich cultural resources, Xiangxi also boasts rich movie culture resources, unique ethnic characteristics and market potential. 

In recent years, Xiangxi has actively explored the integration of films and television and culture and tourism to create a new brand of culture and tourism and promote all-for-one tourism development. A batch of movie filming bases built in Xiangxi has now become Internet-famous sites.

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