Xiangxi adds one characteristic ICH tourism route

Sep Tue 2023
Recently, 20 national characteristic intangible cultural heritage (ICH) tourism routes in 2022 have been released, and the “Charming Xiangxi Immersive Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Tour” was on the list, which is the only one selected in Hunan.

The tourism route covers 28 national ICH representative projects, 85 provincial-level ICH projects, and 272 prefecture-level ICH projects, involving 33 national ICH representative inheritors, 93 provincial-level ICH inheritors, and 460 prefecture-level ICH inheritors.

Along this route, tourists can enjoy various ICH performances presented regularly by nearly a hundred ICH performance teams.

At the same time, the research achievements of ICH in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in recent years have also been directly transformed into characteristic tourism resources. With cultural and creative products such as Tujia brocade, Miao embroidery, and batik, and study tour courses, unique tourism products and services have been provided for tourists.

Xiangxi has the only national-level cultural and ecological protection area in Hunan, and has implemented a series of measures in the protection, inheritance, and development of ICH.

It has issued the first local regulation on the protection of ICH in the country. It continues to update the list of ICH and improve the system of inheritance and study.

Besides, it has built the largest Xiangxi ICH Museum in the Hunan-Hubei-Chongqing- Guizhou Border Region, and the digital platform integrating ICH exhibitions and sales on the basis of the Xiangxi ICH Network, Xiangxi Cloud ICH Museum, and Xiangxi ICH Shopping Mall.
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