6th China Fenghuang Folk Photography Biennale opens

Nov Mon 2023
On the evening of November 9, the 6th China Fenghuang Folk Photography Biennale as well as the 9th Miao Silver Costume Culture Festival opened in Fenghuang Ancient Town, which showcased colorful folk culture and Miao customs.

A large number of shutterbugs, domestic mainstream media reporters, and tourism experience divisions from all over the country participated in the event.
In Fenghuang Yangzi Cultural Village, the event started with a melodious song. On the stage, hundreds of Miao girls dressed in ethnic costumes held batiks, lanterns, red silk and other props, and danced to the lively music, and fireworks bloomed above the ancient town.

The performance consisted of four chapters, namely “The Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage”, “Festive Atmosphere”, “Joy of Wedding Customs”, and “Beauty of the World”. It showcased the colorful ethnic costumes and Miao silver jewelry culture, allowing tourists to experience an artistic festival of “folk customs plus photography” and enjoy the rich ethnic characteristics and charm of Fenghuang through various forms of performance such as Miao songs and dances, ethnic walk shows, and intangible cultural heritage displays.

At the opening ceremony, certification ceremonies were also held for the guests with photography works displayed at the National Folk Photography Exhibition of “Inheriting Cultural Roots” and the National Photography Exhibition of “Cultural Tourism Empowering Rural Revitalization of Fenghuang”. Meanwhile, plaques were granted to the “Liaison Office of New Art Groups of Fenghaung Travel Photography of Hunan Photographers Association” and the “China Photography Creation Base”.

This event was held from November 9 to 12, and showcased nearly 4,000 excellent photography works in Fenghuang Ancient Town from the themed photography exhibition, joint exhibition of “Cultural Footprint” photography works, and joint exhibition of travel photography and Fenghuang Scenic Area. In addition, a series of activities such as folk photography seminar, photography workshop, and lectures by renowned photographers were also held.

During the event, more than 1,000 Miao people from Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan and other regions gathered in Fenghuang to take part in the ethnic costume parade, ethnic unity gala, long-table banquet, and intangible cultural heritage display to showcase Fenghuang’s cultural and tourism resources, colorful Miao costumes, and silver jewelry.

The China Fenghuang Folk Photography Biennale has been held for six times, and has played an important role in promoting Xiangxi Prefecture and Fenghuang through numerous photography masterpieces. Fenghuang has become the best creative destination for photographers.

For many years, Fenghuang County has presented its beauty of landscapes, culture and life by organizing a series of activities such as the China Fenghuang Folk Photography Biennale and the Miao Silver Costume Culture Festival, further strengthened the ethnic cultural brand of Fenghuang, and created a number of unique new business formats of “cultural tourism plus” and “plus cultural tourism”, in a bid to promote the high-quality development of the county’s cultural tourism industry.
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