Youshui Bridge wins Structural Awards

Nov Tue 2023
On November 11, Beijing time, the shortlist of 2023 Structural Awards was announced in London, and the Youshui Bridge in Furong Town (a section of the Zhangjiajie-Jishou-Huaihua high-speed railway) won the Structural Awards.

The Structural Awards has been launched by the Institution of Structural Engineers since 1968. It aims to honor the outstanding structural design of innovative, aesthetic, sustainable and valuable infrastructure and building projects around the world, and is known as the “Oscar” in the field of structural engineering. The projects in history that have won this award include iconic buildings such as the Sydney Opera House.

The Youshui Bridge, with a total length of only 462 meters, has created two world records. On one hand, the main span of the bridge is an asymmetric deck steel tube concrete arch bridge of 292 meters, ranking first in the world in terms of span among similar bridges. On the other hand, it is the first large-span arch bridge in the world with a double leg steel tube concrete truss arch rib.

The bridge is located in a deep valley of the mountainous area, with steep slopes on both sides. The northern bank slope is about 70 degrees, with unstable rock piles. The southern bank slope is relatively gentle and uniform, about 45 degrees.

The arch feet on both sides of the deck arch bridge are set next to existing roads, avoiding steep mountains. This reduces the size of the bridge, excavation to the mountains, and vegetation damage by making full use of existing roads.

The bridge has two double tube steel tube concrete trusses horizontally, and high stiffness and small deformation due to temperature effects vertically, which better meets the comfort requirements of high-speed trains. Besides, the simple structure highlights the landscape effect.

The bridge piers and higher columns on the arch are consolidated with the main beams, which has improved the overall stiffness of the structure and reduced the size of the pier columns. The main beams have achieved full prefabricated construction of arch ribs, columns, and main beams through steel-concrete composite beams.
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