Jiugui Liquor Image Art Exhibition kicks off

Nov Mon 2023
The 6th China Fenghuang Folk Photography Biennale as well as the 9th Miao Silver Costume Culture Festival opened on November 9, and the photography exhibition continued until November 16. As the only strategic partner of the biennale, Jiugui Liquor made its appearance in Fenghuang Ancient Town, presenting its top cultural aesthetics in terms of ecology, craftsmanship, brand, and artistry.

At the opening ceremony of the biennale, brilliant programs were staged to showcase the unique ethnic customs and profound cultural heritage of Xiangxi Prefecture. The appearance of Jiugui Liquor in wedding performances and other programs added a unique and refreshing aroma to this folk feast.

Nearly 4,000 excellent photography works from the themed photography exhibition, joint exhibition of “Cultural Footprint” photography works, etc. exhibited in Fenghuang Ancient Town showcased the magnificent scenery and rural changes of the country.

In the core exhibition area, the Jiugui Liquor Image Art Exhibition, centered around the phoenix sculpture flying off in the Fenghuang Culture Square, presented the cultural aesthetics and artistic value of Jiugui Liquor and attracted tourists at home and abroad.

During the exhibition, a team from Jiugui Liquor dressed in Miao ethnic costumes showcased silver jewelry and Miao embroidery. Together with Miao people from all over the country, they participated in activities such as ethnic costume parade, ethnic unity gala, long-table banquet, and intangible cultural heritage display, which have showcased the mysterious and splendid Jiugui Liquor culture.

Xiangxi Prefecture is located at 30° north latitude, which is the world’s prime liquor-making area, and its rich karst caves are scarce natural resources in the areas of the same latitude in the world. With constant temperature, constant humidity, and light avoidance, it is the most natural and precious “wine cellar”.

On November 11, Jing Weidong, a renowned photographer, along with other photographers came to the Qiliang Cave, a base to store Jiugui Liquor, and recorded the spectacular scenes with their lenses.

Jiugui Liquor has been committed to inheriting and promoting national culture, and facilitating the integrated development of culture and tourism. It interpreted the liquor culture of Xiangxi in a new way.

It will continue to explore the innovative expression of artistic and humanistic beauty, making the core production area of Xiangxi fragrance flavor liquor well known globally.
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