Xiangxi has one high-quality Red study tourism route

Dec Tue 2023
Recently, a list of the first batch of ten high-quality Red study tourism routes was released, and the study tour route of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Xiangxi was included in the list.

The study tour route starts from Shibadong Village, passes through Aizhai Bridge, Dehang Mysterious Fairyland, Changputang Village, Fenghuang Ancient Town, and finally reaches Zhushan Miao Village. It connects the six tourist attractions in Huayuan County, Jishou City, and Fenghuang County, with a total length of about 160 kilometers.

During the tour, tourists can feel the tremendous changes in the new era in Shibadong Village, enjoy the wonders of nature and the grandeur of the world-class project at the Red landmark Aizhai Bridge, appreciate the mysterious Miao culture of Xiangxi in Dehang Mysterious Fairyland, learn about the development of characteristic industries such as kiwifruit and grapefruit in Changfutang Village, relish the misty rain of the Tuojiang River in Fenghuang Ancient Town, and sing Miao songs as well as experience wedding customs and intangible cultural heritage in Zhushan Miao Village.
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