Lettuce harvested

Dec Wed 2023
Farmers are busy picking lettuce at the Shibadong selenium-rich vegetable base of Xinke Village, Malichang Town, Huayuan County.

“This year, the production of one greenhouse reached about 2,000 kg, and the total output of several greenhouses hit 8,000 kg. The lettuce is sold to nearby schools and supermarkets. At the current market price of 3 yuan per kg, it can bring more than 20,000 yuan in economic income,” said Long Yulan, owner of the vegetable base.

Preventing cold and freezing is crucial for ensuring good vegetable production value. The greenhouses in the base are covered with thick cotton quilts and plastic films to maintain a suitable temperature for vegetable growth.

“The most suitable temperature for vegetables is around 18 degrees Celsius. If the weather is cold and the temperature is too low, the greenhouses will be covered with cotton quilts to keep warm,” said Long Yulan.

The Shibadong selenium-rich vegetable base started construction in August 2022 and has currently built 5 high-standard intelligent greenhouses. Since its construction, the base has focused on promoting the integrated development of modern agriculture, the food processing industry and the commercial logistics industry. It’s striving to provide vegetables around the year, improve the vegetable supply capacity, expand farmers’ income channels, and promote the development of modern agriculture.

“When the spring comes next year, we plan to plant tomatoes and cucumbers, so that vegetable farmers can be busy all year round and have a bumper harvest,” said Long Yulan.
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