Xiangxi Prefecture receives 374,600 tourists during Qingming Festival holiday

Apr Sun 2024
During the Qingming Festival holiday, the 40 tourist areas monitored in Xiangxi Prefecture received a total of 374,600 tourists and achieved a revenue of 15.275 million yuan. The cumulative average room occupancy rate of the 37 accommodation units monitored was 71.49%.

Xiangxi Prefecture has four scenic areas in the top 10 A-level scenic areas for total tourist flow during the Qingming Festival holiday, namely Fenghuang Ancient Town Tourist Area, Furong Town Scenic Area, Qianzhou Ancient Town, and Huayuan Biancheng Chadong Scenic Area, ranking second, fourth, eighth, and tenth respectively in the province.

Fenghuang Ancient Town, a 5A-level tourist attraction with rich cultural and tourism resources, received a total of 108,000 visitors. As night falls, tourists walk on both sides of the Tuojiang River and the stilted buildings bathe in orange lights.

Transportation in Xiangxi today is more convenient than ever before. Jishou, the capital city of Xiangxi Prefecture, has become the preferred destination for external tourists. They can visit Qianzhou Ancient Town and the Aizhai-Shibadong-Dehang Scenic Area. There are the wonders of the Aizhai highway, Aizhai Bridge, which is a new must-visit landmark in the world, and Shibadong Village, which is the birthplace of targeted poverty alleviation in China.

Biancheng Chadong in Huayuan County, located at the junction of Hunan, Guizhou, and Chongqing, is the place where the story of “Border Town” written by the literary master Shen Congwen takes place. The mountains, rivers, and customs here hold great appeal for people.
The Furong Town Scenic Area in Yongshun County attracted many tourists due to the convenient high-speed railway and cultural resources.

Luxi County is a pearl by the Yuanshui River, and Pushi Town was once the busiest ancient town in Xiangxi. The wonderful Ten-li Landscape Gallery and towering Tiezhang Peak have become popular tourist destinations in Luxi.

Many people came to martyrs cemeteries and revolutionary memorial sites in various regions during the Qingming Festival holiday to commemorate the martyrs and inherit the Red gene.
During the holiday, Red tourist areas monitored such as Aizhai-Shibadong-Dehang Scenic Area, Tawo Town, and Ciyantang Town received a total of 41,900 tourists.

Rural ecological tourism was greatly popular during the holiday, and rural tourist attractions across the prefecture like ecological estates and rural complexes made efforts to draw visitors with activities like flower viewing, fishing, agricultural experience, and picking.

13 rural tourist areas, including Zhushan Village of Fenghuang County, Shibadong Village of Huayuan County, Morong Miao Village of Guzhang County, and Pushi Ancient Town of Luxi County were highly favored by tourists and received a total of 58,300 visitors during the holiday.

Relevant departments of Xiangxi Prefecture spared no effort to serve tourists, ensure their safety, and promote civilized tourism during the Qingming Festival holiday.
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