Luxi Tahuzaohua displayed in experience hall

Apr Fri 2024
“Tahuzaohua” (folk paper cutting art), an intangible cultural heritage item, was displayed in an exhibition hall of Changsha on April 10, showcasing the unique charm of Luxi’s intangible cultural heritage culture.

Tahuzaohua is a traditional ethnic and folk handicraft technique that has been passed down for generations in Luxi County of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

According to Li Tieqi, an inheritor of Tahuzaohua, it is based on the patterns of Miao clothing and is completed with a carving knife, playing a crucial role in the field of Miao clothing in Xiangxi.

In 2008, Tahuzaohua was included in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.

The two works displayed in this exhibition have been collected by the experience hall.

Colorful intangible cultural heritage projects showcase profound historical heritage and national culture. In recent years, Luxi County has promoted the protection and inheritance of excellent ethnic culture, launched the first Chenhe High-pitched Tunes Art Festival in the Yuanshui River Basin, and carried forward the ethnic culture in schools.

There are currently 74 intangible cultural heritage projects in the county, with 103 inheritors.

Thirteen projects like Tahuzaohua and Panhu Legend have been included in the lists of national and provincial intangible cultural heritage projects.

The Siyuan School has been rated among the “Second Batch of Demonstration Schools in Hunan for Strengthening the Chinese National Community Awareness Education”.

The cross-stitch work “Miao Village Legend Series” has won the “Best Work Award” at the International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Chengdu of China.

The Chenhe high-pitched tune “Embroidery Building” appeared at the “China-ASEAN (Nanning) Drama Week”, showcasing the inheritance and development of ancient and profound excellent ethnic culture.
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