Villagers transplant chili seedlings

Apr Mon 2024
Recently, villages were busy transplanting chili peppers in Miezei Village, Neixi Township, Longshan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

The 40-mu (about 2.67 hectares) chili pepper planting base is a key demonstration site for rural revitalization and agricultural industry development in the village in 2024.

The village has made efforts to develop characteristic industries based on its resource advantages, explore the agricultural production and operation model of “company plus base plus large planter”, and sign purchase agreements with companies.

According to calculations, based on a yield of 1,000 kilograms per mu (about 0.067 hectares) and a minimum purchase agreement of 4 yuan per kg, the chili industry can help villagers increase income by nearly 160,000 yuan.

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