2024 Xiangxi Golden Tea Appreciation and Marketing Event kicks off

Apr Mon 2024
The 2024 Xiangxi Golden Tea Appreciation and Marketing Event was held in Jishou City, Xiangxi Prefecture on April 12. More than 400 people, including representatives from enterprises and institutions in Jishou City, tea merchants of Xiangxi Golden Tea and livestreamers gathered here to soak up the unique charm of Xiangxi Golden Tea.

Xiangxi Golden Tea is an ancient and rare tea tree germplasm resource in Xiangxi Prefecture. It has high amino acids, high tea polyphenols, high water extracts, high chlorophyll. It’s known as one of the best green teas in China, and its germplasm resources have attracted wide attention of tea experts at home and abroad.

Six experts depicted the beautiful development blueprint for Xiangxi Golden Tea through technology from the aspects of variety selection and promotion, efficient cultivation and green prevention and control, quality improvement, high-quality industrial development services, and talent cultivation.

Xiangxi has a favorable natural growth environment of tea. After years of development, Jishou City has planted 155,000 mu (about 10,333 hectares) of golden tea trees, with an annual output of over 1,800 tons and a comprehensive output value exceeding 1.4 billion yuan.

Jishou City has won many honorary titles such as a national key tea production county, hometown of Chinese golden tea, one of Hunan’s top ten demonstration counties for tea and tourism integration in rural revitalization through tea, and Hunan’s top ten ecological tea production counties.

At the launch ceremony, the evaluation results of Good and Famous Green Teas were also announced.

Six activities including Xiangxi Golden Tea Appreciation Event and first Xiangxi Golden Tea Model Competition were also held from April 13 to 14.

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