Guzhang Maojian tea

Apr Tue 2024
Guzhang Maojian tea is a famous tea with a long history in China and one of the top ten famous teas in Hunan Province. Guzhang County is located in the middle of the Wuling Mountains and shrouded in clouds and mist. With abundant rainfall, mild climate, soil rich in phosphorus and selenium, and pollution-free production environment, it is highly suitable for the growth of tea trees.

It is the unique tea making process that makes Guzhang Maojian tea distinguished from other famous teas.

A complete set of techniques for making Guzhang Maojian tea is deeply ingrained in the hearts of every tea maker at Guzhang, especially the two key techniques of water removing and shaping, which are difficult for tea makers to grasp. The Guzhang Maojian tea, made with eight steps, has a unique taste and aroma, known as a “treasure in green tea”.

Guzhang Maojian tea making techniques are developed by the people of all ethnic groups in Guzhang County through arduous exploration and continuous practice of countless generations.

In addition to multiple processes, farmers also need to pick tender tea buds in the early morning after the dew disappears to ensure the quality and taste of the tea. Handmade tea preserves the tea aroma in the ancient times and inherits the craftsmanship of tea makers.

With the development of tea industrialization and scale production, mechanical equipment such as drum water removing machines, drying machines, and screening machines has become increasingly popular in the tea making industry. Traditional tea making techniques have gradually faded away. However, tea farmers in Guzhang County still adhere to these manual techniques.

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